The Sonnet: "Revenge"
2009-07-18, 12:25 a.m.

"If only I had a gun." The minstrel pondered, over a fine red wine. "I would kill the sun."

It was 130 degrees in the California desert.

As the Hollywood hills, burned with the heat of an unnatural summer. The minstrel wished, like wishes were gumdrops.

Gumdrops capable of killing a God.

"Alas! To no avail!"

And as it rained a heavy rain of pure and thunderous heat, the minstel had a stroke of genius.

"Maybe if I wrote an epitaph the sun will think he's dead! And being dead he'll move on, to where stars go when they die!"

The minstrel began to write, and wrote for 7 nights. And upon the seventh day, he went outside.

The sun was fond of mickey mouse's star he was aware, and so from there he began to recite.

"There," when he was done. "Now, you are dead!"

And then, as tears of fire began to fall and scorch the ground.

"Just great!" The minstrel cried in agony. "Now I have to write a song!"

Do nothing

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