Upsidedown Backward Chinese Brail Bible
2009-08-19, 11:53 p.m.

We have been given a new path (choice/option).
And it is time for us to accept responsibility for this.
We are far from sober. And the room has expanded.

We are close, and I am not perfect. But our connection is not severed.

We are in pain.
An endless pain.

I wish I could give you peace.
A reality within.
A (re)birth.

Tonight. I will give new life to this world, this sorry excuse for oxigen. It is born now of us.
We. Me & You.

Tonight is a good night to do a bad thing.

But you are more important to me than the carnage within.

Tonight, we are children.
Children without ignorance.

This is; the truth we choose, the magic I give you. Our truth. And tomorrow will never be the same.

This world... connect(ed)... tied to... soon to be completely eclipsed.

Do nothing

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