FILE: no. i-X "Angels Arrive"
2009-12-05, 4:09 a.m.

It has left the distinctive taste of blood in my mouth, and yet the thought is looming overhead like orange smoke from a clockwork dragon.


This tragic tapestry-- now read-- has once again unveilled a simple thought. A deeper sense has been foiled.

I'm beginning to feel as though this quest is but blasphemy to life, that I may live to dream forever and never know. I feel skewed.

And yet; never will I encounter a jack-in-the-box, arisen to greet me--at the misty edge of the cemetary where unconcecrated corpses lie-- to grant me with "You win!!!" And leave it floating in the air like unwanted christmas music to harken the end of my spiritual journey.

Perhaps I am a devil; but still oughten I die the same way if tried as a witch? Like a christian crying "our father" for the last time.

I've sent a letter to the seven churches:

"I am still lost."

"There's a granduer in this view of life, with it's several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one..."
-Charles Darwin

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