THE STATE OF IT-- Doomed and Repeated
2010-01-23, 11:49 p.m.

So here we are again. The crossroad-- they say the devil waits here. World weary souls are always at a crossroad, souls like mine. I think we've lost our way and in doing so have lost pieces of our humanity to the shackles of comfort and consistancy. Freedom is now democratic and has lost to that comfort.

As a child the world is simple and dull, and you're never quite aware of how easily adults are mislead. So here we are and though duel choices are always afoot, it is time for all of us to realize that the simplicity of two choices is wrong.

Whether Republican v. Democrat, or God v. Science. Let us take the time to see past the pavement. No more duel choices, we are not a coin to be flipped. And I tire of the toss.

Lately I can't help but look toward a future, one where I'm dead and all that's left are the tattered remnants of coffee stained notepads. Scraps of a long fought and most likely lost battle against myself.

I wonder if I'll ever find a way.

The way between.

Do nothing

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