Three Illegal Words: Cunt, Nigger, and Muhammed?
2010-05-12, 2:01 a.m.

So, it's snowing in May and I'm awake and all alone. I'm sitting and watch commentary on South Park and trying to keep my mind 100% positive.

Hmmm... I can't help but think that I have no idea why I'm not on or, because lately I've only been able to write about my day, and well, goddamned if that's all those stupid ass sites are for. I keep telling myself I should wait and see if I can write something deep and emotional, something poetic or prose... uh... etic.

I have been pissed off over almost everything the government has done lately (not like a lame-ass tea-bagger, but more like I hate EVERYTHING about the government), and am just as bored and cynical as ever. And I still can't write, and despite it all I must keep a positive outlook.

So, if I may, a moment of clarity:

1. Protesting should be reserved for things you actually have knowledge of, i.e. teabaggers, your taxes haven't changed GET OVER IT.

2. The president has nearly no power and is more of a figurehead, leave Obama alone.

3. We don't need troops in Japan or Germany.

4. Your vote doesn't matter in a two party system.

5. Athiests need to grow up, they've become a whiney proxy religion. Christmas doesn't hurt anyone, and neither does "under God".

6. The separation of church and state is not an attack on Christianity, it's to protect the rest of us from being imposed.

7. It was just water bottles, not an attempted terrorist attack.

8. Why is it that bullying wasn't a national crisis until a popular girl was effected in the same way geeks, goths, and freaks have been since the begining.

9. The credit score system is only a way to keep the status quo, it's obvious just seeing how hard it is to raise, and easy to lower.

I am so fucking sick of the way shit seems to be now-a-days, I think I'm done now, but to those few who do read this, expect more lists in the coming entries.

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