"Been a Son"
2010-05-21, 2:19 a.m.

I followed Pierce after we parted today, and at the end an oasis-- oddly enough catharsis swam over me and by the time I sat down with my small comp note. So I sit here, sipping a Dr. Pepper (slowely so as not to be kicked out for loitering) and I can help but wonder, desparately, why you were crying. You seemed broken somehow and I don't know why. After all I've made far worse mistakes so why did you tell me to stop following you? Why?

So, as I approach my final point I must truly fight for understanding, because I'm so confused.

As I said before: I see now--

There's something waiting; safe and warm-- even when you're lost. Somewhere with ice cream.

I understand that I will never understand the narrow path your feet are on. Your shoes are but an outward manifestation of the pain inside you.

I try. I do.

"I've got this friend, you see, who makes me feel that I wanted more than I could steal."
-Nirvana, Lounge Act

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