California R.I.P.
2010-06-18, 4:18 p.m.

I often sit and wonder why, in a free country, it is that we need a government at all. Earlier in this diary I quoted Thomas Jefferson-- I quote him often-- and he said something to the degree of "democracy is where 51% of the people can take the rights away from the other 49%." And that's when I came to the perfect conclusion:

The true purpose of the government is simple, to protect the 49%.

During the prop 8 trial the the lawyer claimed as one of the points that gays should not marry nothing more than: "this is what the people want." And that's never a reason to take away the rights of another.

To all those who read this, try and remember, in all of history one truth has emerged. Any time one group of people can do something and another group can't, it IS descrimination. And will always fall to what's right.


Interracial marriage was illigal in the United States until 1967. At the time, most Americans wanted it to stay illegal.

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