S. LINK -- the Mysterious Boy
2010-07-16, 3:34 p.m.

"So!?" It was sharp and cut into me, the knowledge that you were beyond consolation again. I silenced myself and pressed on toward the sun blurred landscape. The sun scolded at our skin and you said you couldn't breath.

I thought of telling you that this would be the last walk, and then realized I couldn't hear you say that I didn't want to **** the ***. And that it had nothing to do with wanting to see you. It reminded me of a dream I had.

We were hanging from the edge of a cliff, and I held onto you with one hand and onto the cliff with the other. You tell me to let go and then release your grip, sliding in my hand you make the weight unbarable to hold onto you. So I open my hand and let go of the cliff, using the additional hand to replace your grip. And I remember being heartbroken that you face was wash with surprise.

Do nothing

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