Peppermint Candy Wrappers
2010-10-10, 10:10 p.m.

Sounds like a knock at the door, I thought. A beautiful pitter patter knock, like a raven's 'Nevermore'. A questioning silence of tiny thumps. I needed the rain just now, and here it was.

A rain to wash my pitiful nerves quiet. A silence masked in false night from near black clouds. The smell released my nerves and for a moment, I was free. No more worry and unresolved fret. The rain had come to save me.

The silence of my solitude then gave way to my sadness, I was not meant for these lonely days. Never have I found myself so lost in another soul. The alone I feel is unlike any pain I ever felt, or ever will. The way death must feel if heaven is a lie.

I close my eyes. Only for a moment and the moment's gone.

Do nothing

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