Audience (Killer) Loop
2009-07-02, 12:30 a.m.

Everyone's gone; just me and him. We've never been alone before.

The two of us decided it's warm enough an October afternoon to leave school and go to our groups hiding spot. The forest is quiet, and we mockingly talk of the people at school thinking we had sex when we get back.

The circle of dead trees in the center of the forest was known as haunted and called dead. Nothing but old couches and an abandoned trailer.

Two hours and we're still alone, and we daydream well together. A still calm like I've never known before, so this is silence.

A clumbsy proposition followed. I nod.

His lips feel smooth on my chest to compliment his soft gentle licking. His purple lipstick is smeared up and down my cock lovingly.

He's shaking-- crying, as he removes his pants. Omniscion.

"You don't have to kiss me if you don't want to." He speaks, sliding me in.

I'm awake

We were asleep, alone in the woods and somehow entwined. Face to face I gentle lay my lips on his. He opens his eyes and responds to the gentle pressure.

He smiles, "fuck me."

Do nothing

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