Watching Flies Fuck
2010-11-18, 8:17 a.m.

It snowed yesterday, so when I awoke this morning to find the pittance on the ground (being that it was 2pm and the sun had been up for hours and destroyed the light dusting before I could see it.) I wasn't too surprised.

I called in my shifts and then we lay together in bed as long as we could stand it. Then after the urge to pee could no longer be controled. It was up-and-at-em, and we were cleaned up and in the car. With little deliberance we head over to the mall, just for the fuck of it (a new car makes you antsy) and we wondered around for a bit.

The disney store had new ornaments in Nightmare Before Christmas balls, a really nice Maleficant and some Alice in Wonderland figurine ornaments (the animated feature, not the one with Johnny Depp). Not to mention a complete set of NBC coffee mugs!

I got some cheese popcorn from a kiosk and we went upstairs to the petshop, and went back and forth trying to convince each other that we needed a bunny, and then we came across him. A kitten no bigger than a guinea pig with all the hate in the world wrapped up in his whiskers. We played with him through the bars and said we'd name him Goebbles. But the truth is, it's still too soon and we both know it.

From there we head to Hot Topic where our attempt to get a sticker for the car was completely thwarted. And we went back and forth on how much Hot Topic sucks now.

Finally realizing we were hungry, we rushed up C***** Ave. To go grab some fucking cheapee chinese food, and then rushed home to regroup from the voyage of the day.

We sat around and watched the second episode of Skins season 3 on Netflix, and then played Kingdom Hearts 2 until the season finale of South Park went up online. I took him out to drive right after so we didn't grow tired and therefor lazy right after.

We made figure 8's in the parking lot and then parked in a dark corner near the back. We switched seats and after a moment's flirtation he blew me softly as I watched for passers by. Just in case.

As the night grew on I couldn't help but notice the agony snowballing in my stomach. As it does from time to time, and in fact is doing right now. My stomach will hurt for a few minutes, a couple times a day, for a couple week. For I-don't-know what reason. I usually just self medicate til it goes away. This time we're out.

So I drive us, in agony, to the 24 hour Walgreens to grab some over-the-counter medicine all the while "I told you the chinese was a bad idea" ringing in my ear. And while we're their I have the bright idea to grab some Cup Noodle. Chicken flavoured.

Back home I take some medicine, and also have some tea and honey to settle the Michael Bay movie swarming the delicate lining of my stomach. And we settle back in to KH2. At around 7:45am, I drive hime to his meeting and while waiting in the car I get the idea to finally copycat Kevin Smith's My Boring Ass Life format of diary entry -- i.e. document every aspect of every moment -- because frankly I'm curious about my habits of life.

Sigh. 20 or so minutes befor bed.

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