To Wish, To Want, To Wander
2013-10-19, 3:25 a.m.

In space the colors of the universe are amazing. I've seen the photos from Hubble and can't help but think that we're only seeing half the story. Like light in the corner of our eye passing us by though they didn't move at all. Light in the corner of someone eye. Another fleeting moment of regret. Heartbreak. Fucking pain.
Pain is a fleeting moment too.
I blinked this morning which is a habit when you've stayed awake. The head tilts. The eyes roll back in your head and then you're asleep for probably less time than it took to blink. A fleeting moment. A window into a thought made visual.
Not a vision. A dream. A premonition based on the knowledge I have of you. And I'll never bring it up again. Bearing in mind that I haven't brought it up initially. A nightmare in less than a moment.
I thought that the world tingled and gave rise to hope today. I still do. But something needs to stand between my vision and my sight. Namely the boy that spends the majority of his time there.

Do nothing

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