2010-06-27, 11:55 a.m.

"Where I go when I go there
no more memory anymore
only men on distant ships the women with them swimming with them to shore

where I go when I go there
no more whispering anymore
only hymns upon your lips
a mystic wisdom rising with them to shore "
-Spring Awakening, Touch Me

I sit, every other day, waiting with the dead and the dying. A candle in a wax pumkin leading them away. Hopefully to somewhere better. The year keeps going and the ride is almost done--

-- bled out and shriveled. An eerie calm comes over me as I flicker.

*** **** ***** **** *** ******* *** *********, a ghostly silhouette of the *******. I've changed so many times from this morning.

Another 'X', my hand seems to shake als ich auf mein Kreuz hangen.

Je souhaite que le soleil se couchait sur tous vos problemes. Que la lune brille prouverait a vous sauver de votre enfer. J'espere que vous trouverez votre chemin je retour.


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