Dominos of Indiscretion
2010-02-24, 2:12 a.m.

Young lovers kissing in the silver moonlight, locked in a Sin City emrace of silhouette. Just grateful to be gazing into each others arms as the stars arise; one by one by one by one.

But no time for that now. No time to be a poet, or to take time out to see how beautiful the world can be when given the chance. No time for love, or God, or country. The time has come to leave.

The snows are over and now with winter's blessings of reprive I turn the keys of the aweful behemoth and pull the sleeping giant down the familiar road one last time.

Now it's just us. Only us forever.

No family. No friends. And no comfort. Just the sheer ambience of the new.

Fuck ***********, fuck *** ******, fuck everything I've ever known. Tonight hell freezes over and things change forever.

479 miles til we sleep.

"But, I've been down this road before."
-God or Julie

Do nothing

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