bunny hide and seek
2011-01-10, 3:53 a.m.

The snow is falling in thick sheets now, and will until tomorrow night. Tight walls of snow on either side of the road left behind snow plows. I've crashed through four of them to see him, and then four more on the way back home.

Lost in the the contradictions of the conversation that transpired.

"... my tongue dances behind my lips, for you."

That song has been stuck in my head for weeks, and it may be part of the problem.

My persona; stitched in confusion.

All or nothing.

Christian music blaring in near secrecy in the car of a skeptic, and a mystic. On a bullet train to hell, with an absolute certainty that there isn't one.

The back and forth dips and circles all around every aspect of my life.

"You're straight" he says. But if I am, why does it bother me to hear it? And further more, how can I love him so deeply?

Why can't I be sure of uncertainty? Why can't "both" answers be an option?

Do nothing

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