Nine Dollars and Ninety Nine Cents
2009-08-10, 12:00 a.m.

or... Tempered in Raw Shit

We sit. Darkness approaching.
And we pray.

We pray and wait for a higher power to save us. O' our laziness is our damnation! A blight on all the world.

We wait, as braver souls than ours wade breast deep in the repugnance of reality.

God help us. They don't understand your gift of free will. A simple fact that all faith can agree exsists within us all.


May we all die in the nuclear winters that await us beyond the vale, simply so we may learn that lesson.

May all churches crumble, that we may learn of kindness with no rewards. Simple and just.

The choices in life are now ours.

...and remember, we all die in 2012.

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