"The Duck"
2009-08-12, 11:45 p.m.

A face floating in mid air once told me I had a purpose.

"Changing the world is simple," he said. "People are lazy."

Humans are unique in that they evolve at will, and therefor choose not to.

"It's too much work." They say.

From time to time one will come, and knowing they will die for it, will make a motion to change things.

Seems so silly that the world would be reluctant to change. Even to kill over the thought.

Oh, I do hope, beyond hope for the next ones with wings. Whether it be you or I. Pray they fly beyond the barrel of ignorance.

-Jesus Christ was crucified in approx 30 a.d. Claimed to be the son of the one true god. And spoke veimantly that the laws of moses (or the old testament) was incorrect.

-2009 (1979 years after his death) most christians believe Jesus WAS god and that noah's ark really occured.

Ever played the telephone game?

Do nothing

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