Adrenachrome Nightmare -- What's Left of God?
2010-10-03, 10:00 p.m.

Seems to me that it's nearly impossible to cut at something so deeply that it looses almost all it's blood. Isn't it? I sometimes find myself trying to apply the oddities of fiction to the things I see in real life, and it's scares me. Trying to find a reason someone would leave the broken body of a snake to wither in peices. Was it a monster? Or did a monster flow from the hands of a man to slay an innocent in the desert between.

Are we really so damned vein that we destroy even that which looks as though it could conquer us? ARE WE DAMN IT!!!

To attempt to make reason out of the cruel is to attempt to paint heaven from memory. Nothing but a still life in hollow shades of white. Nothing, is all that is left. Isn't it?

Holy jesus, what are these goddamned animals?

"Lost again, broken and weary unable to find my way. Tail in hand, dizzy and clearly unable to just let this go."

Do nothing

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