2010-10-14, 4:37 p.m.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of thinking it takes to seek the truth with your eyes closed. To claim you're aware of all that's around you and then talk until it's obvious you're not. I find it sad and oddly frightening that the Republicans are up in the poles, and yet, I don't know anyone who's been poled. The concept that healthcare is socialism, but it's not socialistic to exclude gay from the military and marriage due to christian morality.

Sometimes I worry about the revolts that the rich are already putting into place. They stack the riches on themselves and claim that anything other than that is socialism.

Beyond this it seems that the people with the signs and teabags hanging from their head steaping as sweat pours from their brow that they've been ignored. Don't even know what they're yelling about. The freedom they want is their's, and their's alone. And everyone follows their way of life, or is not allowed one.

Jesus, do they even know what socialism is?

Do nothing

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